About us

In E-commerce business since 2012

The team of professional developers from Czech Republic that masters Magento development.

We’ve been actively working on these platforms since 2012. We want to share our nearly 11 years’ knowledge with you!

Thanks to our own experience with successful eCommerce projects we can guarantee a qualified approach. We are able to give you advice regarding function or adjustment advantage as well as we can measure it.

Teambuilding. We plant trees in our spare time 🙂

We don’t want to develop useless functionalities, we can help you to decide what will at least save your money or even bring more profit to your project. We will be more than pleased to help you with expansion of your eShop to foreign markets.

Our residence- villa of Tomasek, that’s how we call our workspace. We can boast with a new beautiful conference room and constant effort to make the most eco office possible.

We also have our own garden, where you can rest, eat, work or just sunbath. 🙂

We realize how important a peronal approach is. We’ve removed all unnecessary restrictions. So you can make your own working hours.

You can also work from your home but we would like to see you sometimes. 🙂 We are open to talk about everything so just come and talk with us.